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Community of Hope

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 Meet David Mariant . . . .

    Cutting Edge Solutions . . .

    Bipolar Disorder Is Manageable!
    Here You Will Find the Map to Recovery!

    Recovery Only Requires Having The
    Most Current Information and Tools!

         Working through my own struggle with having bipolar,  put me on a journey to discover
         everything there is to know about this illness.

         When did I first realize that I had bipolar? When I found myself in a mental health facility.

They Told Me I Was Bipolar!
I Thought They Were Crazy!

“David, you have Bipolar Disorder.” These were the words I
heard from the Therapist in the hospital’s mental health lock-
down ward.

Before I could figure out what was happening to me, I was being hauled away by the police to a 72 hour lock-down facility at a local hospital. Locked-down; as in “you can’t leave; we won’t let you!” My journey to hell and back had just begun!

“Why are they trying to hurt me?”; I wondered?  "I haven’t done anything wrong. I broke no laws. I hurt no one!"  Why was even my own family resisting me and telling me to get help? It didn’t make sense to me...  at the time!
Dear Friends… 

Are you, or is someone you know, struggling emotionally?
Is it interfering with your life?

Believe me when I tell you that I understand.  I have been there!

Emotional Highs!
Emotional Lows!
Depression! – Despair!
Confusion! – Fear!
Irrational Behavior!

“My family was going through turmoil. What was wrong with my husband? His behavior was not normal. The kids were frightened.  
It was breaking us apart. Would 
he hurt himself? I just didn't know!

                             Diane Mariant,                              Co-Author  

   Bipolar: also known as “Manic Depression
   Symptoms: Severe mood swings, Mania, Irrational
                       Behavior, Depression and Dispair

Dave Mariant here…  to tell you that I am a Bipolar Disorder

Survivor!  I have
overcome its Fatal Grip on my life!

I have been to the pit of hell; and found my way back to good health!

I have paved the way for you!

In my recent book, “Surviving Bipolar’s Fatal Grip: The Journey To Hell and Back, I share with you all the grueling details of my struggle with bipolar. Others have found most of it to be shocking!

During my journey, I investigated every single thing that is available to help a person with bipolar. Every bit of that information is in this book to help you; including some things that are not common to many bipolar counselors.

The experience of a bipolar journey combined with past experience in other areas of personal development, has given me special insights into Bipolar Disorder. I pass on to you all the insights, all the practical tools, and day-to-day solutions, so that you really can manage it and recover, as I have.

Copyright 2007 - Mariant Publishing

“It could otherwise take years to learn!”

“Dave Mariant, with his wife Diane, has written an inspiring and useful account of the nature of bipolar affective illness and how to survive it.
Especially riveting, are the juxtaposed experiences of Mr. Mariant and his wife during times he was floridly manic. While taking pains to avoid interfering with professional treatment, he empowers patients and their families to take charge of the illness and make active choices to cope with and even grow from their experience. He includes many immediately practical  recommendations that could otherwise take years to learn while a humane spirit of understanding, compassion and humility permeates the book. It should be required reading for newly diagnosed bipolar patients and their families.”

Jonathan Russ, M.D., Adjunct Associate Professor Emeritus,
Stanford University  School of Medicine

"Jammed full of information, resources and useful tools!"

“I have known Dave for many years. I personally witnessed his bipolar condition at its worst. When he says that he has been to hell and back; believe it!
He was really in bad shape. I watched him struggle with this disorder for years. He always shared with me his new insights and discoveries and I personally witnessed the changes in him as he over-came its hold on him. He has grown  tremendously from this. His book is packed full of special insights, information, tools and solutions. Also, the first few chapters read like the script for a suspense movie as he describes in detail many of the actual experiences that he went through. At one of the lectures that Dave gave, which I attended, a woman who was half-way through reading his book was compelled to stand up and tell the audience that she hasn’t been able to put the book down. It had captivated her attention. It is a riveting account of Dave’s experiences, as well as his wife Diane’s experiences - what she went through dealing with a bipolar husband and the solutions that they uncovered. I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs help and wants solutions. It will not disappoint you. The information that it provides is invaluable.

Frank Andrews
Author – “Becoming The True You”

"A valuable and helpful book..."

I have found "Surviving Bipolar's Fatal Grip" to be a valuable and helpful book for several reasons.  It is, firstly, a very easy to read book about a family's experience into the area of Bipolar that is not often discussed. The Mariant's have opened themselves up to discuss some very private, often difficult periods in their lives.

We get to learn about the experience of not only the patient but also the spouse.  Plus, it is a good quick reference book about definitions, symptoms, side effects, etc. that can be useful to people who are struggling with this mental disorder in their families or themselves.  Thirdly, it describes some techniques and procedures that have been successful for David during his struggle to maintain a more normal life while living with Bipolar Disorder that others may use for themselves. 

Dr. Susan E. Klear
Licensed Psychologist

Learn Bipolar Survival Essentials . . .
       •   Learn techniques for self-management so you can successfully
                      manage your feelings and behavior, so as to keep your life balanced
       •   What to do when an occurance is triggered
   •   How to handle suicidal feelings
   •   Examples of how I handled my occurances
       •   Tools and other techinques that have proven to work for me

Here are a few more examples of what you will learn:
  The diagnosis – understanding bipolar disorder
  What role medication plays in it and how to proceed with it
  How to manage stress and emotions successfully
  Identifying the “trigger” mechanisms that set it off
       and what you can do about them
  Specialized treatments that are available and why they work
  Learn the role that codependency plays in it so that you
         avoid this trap
  The process of healing
  The family perspective
  The bipolar child and how the family dynamic impacts
         him/her and how to handle it

  And much, much more…

Discover New Hope
   “This book is a God-send! In its pages, the reader will find an understanding of oneself
   and one’s diagnosis, strategies for coping, and a hope for the future.” 
   Michelle Toste - Living with bipolar disorder

Experience A First-Hand Account
 “Very informative and needed, a real page turner, a must read for the bipolar and
 those who love them.”  

 Annette Butler - Living with bipolar disorder

A “No-Holds-Barred” Approach
 “Finally we hear it from the source itself…thanks for not holding back!” 
 Sarah Williams - Living with bipolar disorder

 "You could not get any more transparent than this.”  
 Shirley De Ridder - Family member

A Vital Survival Guide
          “The most illuminating account I have ever read about bipolar disorder. If you are a parent
          or  loved one…you have to read this book!”
          David Marvin - Parent of child with bipolar disorder

I was driven to write this book out of a deep concern for other bipolar people who are not finding there way through it. 

Now that I have seen the light at the other end of the tunnel, I could not live with myself if I didn’t do everything in my power; to help others, who suffer as well. This book is one of the bi-products of my desire to help you.

                              Many others have found the help they needed in my book. . . .

      Surviving Bipolar's
            Fatal Grip 

     The Journey to Hell and Back

                (Free Shipping)

                   A Survival Guide: go from hopelessness to victory!

Free Gift!  -  As a special bonus, you will receive a free copy of "Surviving Bipolar's Fatal Grip: The Journey To Hell and Back,"
eBook preview
(downloadable to your computer) which you will immediately receive to enjoy while waiting for the softcover book to arrive. Also, you have permission to distribute this preview to any of your friends.

This information is absolutely essential . . . .
for anyone who struggles with symptoms that are common to bipolar disorder. If you suspect that you or someone you know might be suffering from this disorder, then please get your copy of this "one-of-a-kind" book. One out of every five people diagnosed with bipolar disorder commits suicide because they did not get the help they needed. Don't become a statistic. Ple
ase, please; get your copy right now! You will be very glad you did!

David Mariant
Secure Order

     P.S. Remember, you are NOT alone! Millions of people suffer from the symptoms
                of mania and depression. You will not find a better resource for getting you on
                the road to recovery; a resource that has already helped numerous others.

                Join the many people; those who are recovering and health care professionals
                who have found this book to provide what is needed. Many people have acclaimed
                it to be "required reading" for bipolar sufferers and their families.

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