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About Our Founder

Our Founder, David, is a bipolar disorder survivor. Diagnosed over six years ago, David has learned some very important insights, life-saving lessons and strategies that have allowed him to not only survive bipolar disorder but to also discover a meaningful life beyond. David has dedicated the past three years to the creation of his book Surviving Bipolar–A Journey to Hell and Back. The book takes you along his journey and path to healing, understanding and the discovery of hope. David’s hope that his book will touch everyone who reads it in a special way and that lives will be changed and even saved. David’s vision of SurvivingBipolar.Com and his book is to create bipolar disorder awareness, the discussion of this disorder, foster hope for new strategies, and to the pursuit of an eventual cure.

David has been married for twenty years to the love of his life. From their marriage they have had five children. David thoroughly enjoys family life and over the many years has made certain that his family is his highest priority.

David has dedicated many years to community service, and a great deal of time volunteering at a local Christian Church. His broad background includes a career in engineering, consulting and management, as well as sales and service. His experience includes motivational speaking, teaching and group leadership. His skills acquired through his career, volunteer services and family life have proven valuable as he now dedicates his energies to both his family and the pursuit of helping others to survive bipolar disorder.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Mariant Enterprises, Inc.’s SurvivingBipolar.com and Community of Hope forum websites is to provide the bipolar Community an anonymous, open forum in which to share ideas, research, success strategies, and to provide a safe place to share feelings, discover and discuss important lifesaving survival tools to empower individuals with this potentially fatal disorder – and foster hope and self worth needed for a brighter tomorrow.

Community Of Hope

Our Community of Hope is a consumer (patient) based forum where individuals can join in discussion with other bipolar patients, family, friends and healthcare professionals, and to share experiences and treatments and get to know others with the same disorder. By not strictly focusing on medications and therapy, and looking “outside the box” we hope to encourage discussion about all the options available for more successful living with this disorder It is our vision that Community of Hope will provide insights into bipolar disorder and new ideas that might lead to an eventual cure.

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