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My vision for Surviving Bipolar. com is to create a community of those with a similar passion to help others with bipolar disorder.. Surviving is the foundation where the community can express ideas, share survival strategies, ask questions, share resources as well as receive and give love and support.

My hope is that others with a similar passion as mine might participate in a variety of ways to further develop Surviving Bipolar and make it more resource rich for all who need us. If you would like more information send an email to Below are a few ways you can help:

Forum Moderators Wanted
As Community of Hope forums develop, we will need moderators. We are looking for individuals with interest in a particular forum to monitor the forum each day, respond to posts, and ensure that the forum is friendly, productive and non-threatening. Experience is desired, but not necessary. Please submit your application with your background and interest to

Volunteers is based upon collaboration, community participation and contributions. We have several needs for volunteers that begin with our website but don’t end there. Our goal is to create an awareness campaign for bipolar disorder by utilizing every possible medium including: the internet, advertisements, commercials, infomercials, training videos, TV and movies. Your experience, ideas and contribution are welcome and together we can make a huge impact that will ultimately help those with bipolar disorder survive.

  • Site Content Developer ( Website enhancement ideas)
  • News Desk / Journalist (Creating news content and commentary for website)
  • Awareness Campaign Managers (Awareness campaign development)
  • Researchers ( Community research and poll development)

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